Power generation

Technology is changing the way we consume energy, the way we generate it and promises new ways to store it.

Yesterday’s energy was delivered by a traditional integrated network with supply at one end and consumption at the other. Tomorrow’s electricity network is likely to be a complex mesh of interactions and constant arbitrage.

It is certainly and exciting time to be part of the energy industry. Diversity in generation, supply, distribution and consumption are driving the need for new business models to replace the old structures.

This shift to diversification has now reached New Zealand. With SREIL’s global experience, we are able to advise clients and regulators how best to leverage their strengths in this new diversified market in order to survive and prosper.

Whilst the future of energy needs to be affordable, reliable and available, it must also be bankable. SREIL is able to provide pragmatic, bankable, commercial constructs that facilitates the generation and supply of electricity as it responds to modern business models.


Mighty River Power (now Mercury) Geothermal

SREIL’s Sean Rush was retained by Mighty River Power to advise on its geothermal development strategy and the procurement of drilling rig and associated services.

Southampton City Council

Combined Heat and Power project As a senior associate in the Energy and Infrastructure team of London law firm, Nabarros, SREIL’s Sean Rush was engaged by the Southampton City Council to develop a PPP contract whereby the investor would install a gas fired power station and use the excess heat for residential heating of a nearby council estate. The investor would receive a monthly firm ‘take or pay’ fee for having heat available, guaranteed by the Council over the term of the contract.